pickle and olive

Meet Dylan & Olivia, otherwise known as Pickle & Olive. My babies inspired me to create a teething accessory brand that would not only help babies through the teething stage but also make life a little easier for Mama too!

When Olivia was teething, things were rough inside our home for a while. I hated seeing her in so much teething agony. Plus, she would chew on everything BUT teething toys.

Later on, when Dylan was born, I was determined to find a solution to the dreaded teething grief. Babies seem to chew on teething toys for a while but then they always seem to throw or drop it somehow. Why do they do this?!?

Enter Bandana Teething Bibs. They are the perfect solution to this problem. The safe silicone teether is attached to the bib. Baby can't drop it or throw it across the room anymore. They can drool in style and chew away on their sore gums. The teether is always within reach! Finally, a teething solution for babies and Mamas!

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So much love,